Top 10 Questions Condo Shoppers in Downtown San Diego Are Asking

Top 10 Questions Asked by Condo Shoppers:

Q. Whats the best condo building in downtown San Diego?
A. If by best, you mean highest quality, then the answer is the Bayside condos, rounding out the top five highest quality condo buildings in alphabetical order are Electra, Metropolitan, Park Laurel and Pinnacle.

Q. Whats downtown San Diego’s best neighborhood to live in?
A. This is very very subjective. To answer this I need to know how you rank your preferences for views, walk ability, tolerable noise level (planes, trains, people, etc), proximity to shopping, etc.
If you want the prime views, which usually include bay views, then you want to be in either the Columbia or Marina neighborhoods which have a lot of condos located as close to the waterfront as zoning allows. The quietest neighborhoods are Cortez Hill and Bankers Hill.

Q. Whats the best way to shop for a downtown condo?
A. The best way is to tell me as much as you can about what your looking for in a condo, info such as size, how much you like to walk, what you want to be close to, number of bedrooms and or bathrooms, how important a view is, amenities you would like to have in the building, budgeted price range, etc. Since your visiting my website, I can tell you like to do some research on your own. My number one on line suggestion, would be to visit the automated “Selection Guide” listed in the above menu (in red). Answer ten multiple choice questions and I have built a program to recommend some condo buildings based on your answers. Be realistic in your answers or it will not be able to find any buildings that fit your preferences. In other words, don’t say you want “great views” and also say you want a “low price range” because that combination does not exist.

One thing I would caution against is to shop by price alone, there are a lot of inexpensive condos downtown and each come with their share of reasons why they are so inexpensive, reasons that may lead you to not wanting to live in a particular building. I think its best to start with your wish list and if you need to reprioritize it until you find a condo that meets this criteria and your budget.

Q. Are there a lot of foreclosures (bank owned) condos for sale in downtown?
A. As a percent of the total, foreclosures represent just under 20% of the downtown market, as of mid 2010. About 60% of them are in the $300K and under price range, 35% in the $300K – $500K range and a about 5% (or less than 5 a year) in the $700K – $1.0M range. Reason for the concentration in the lower price range is thats what investors were buying a few years ago, inexpensive condos, often with 100% financing and now they are just giving them back to the bank since they are worth less than their mortgage. The upper end buyers in years past had to make a larger down payment and are often owner occupied, two reasons for keeping owners in their condos today.

Q. How much of a discount should I ask for off the list price?
A. Buyers of condos in downtown San Diego are getting an average discount of 4.7% off the last asking price, for condos sold through mid 2010, so keep this in mind when making an offer.

Q. What is the average price of a condo in downtown San Diego?
A. As of mid 2010, $719,000, for 1,314 sq.ft., equates to $547/sq.ft.

Q. What is the average HOA fee downtown?
A. In a low rise building with out full time staff on site (other than cleaning people) the HOA fee is about $400/month, for a typical 2 bedroom 2 bath condo. In a high rise building, which typically have a lot of on site staff, the average fee is about $800/month.

Q. Are you allowed to have pets in downtown condos?
A. Yes, almost every building allows pets, most all have a limit of two. Some condominiums have weight limits and breed restrictions for dogs.

Q. Whats the best way to sell my condo?
A. Real Estate Agents have a multitude of methods for marketing a property for sale. I think the most important is to get your home in front of online condo buyers eyes via the internet. It’s been my experience over the years that most buyers of downtown condos come from outside of downtown and often out of state.

Q. Where can I find a list of condos for rent?
A. Surprisingly there are more units listed for rent on than in the MLS. Most condo owners do not want to involve real estate agents in their quest for a new tenant. One exception is the high end rental market, those units above $4,000/month, often these units are only listed with Realtors in the MLS.

Downtown San Diego Real Estate – Exciting Things About Living in Downtown San Diego

Many people decide to move to a new home or location for varied reasons. Undesirable neighborhood, bad location and some other factors are just some of the things that influence such decision. Regardless of the reasons, moving to a new home is not that easy and simple. It’s a tiring, stressful and expensive matter to undertake. But on a lighter side, relocating to your new home is part of a journey wherein you explore your new environment and enjoy together with your family and friends. Finding a good home location that would meet your expectation is important and you have to know whether the house needs repair. Make sure that you will choose a new home that you will really enjoy living in for the rest of your life.

If you’re considering of buying Downtown San Diego Real Estate, you’ll be greatly pleased to know that there are truly a lot of fun things that you can explore and look forward to experience if you move to this new location. If you’re new to this place, you can take a look and roam around the city and at the same time looking at Downtown San Diego homes for sale to help you be familiar with some of the nice spots to visit.

This place is recognized as one of the most famous cities in California. Many people who love to explore reside in this area. The place is blessed with plenty of tourist attractions that make the visitors’ stay and business dealings worthwhile and fun. You will definitely be captivated by the place’s scenic charm of Bay Harbor, luxury and elegant hotels, and plenty of recreational parks and zoos for your family to enjoy. As recorded in the statistics, this place is considered as the second largest city in California and rank as the eighth in the entire country. San Diego has plenty of beautiful beaches and is endowed with a calm Mediterranean climate that their residents enjoy. The place is the military base of sixteen military facilities hosting the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, and the United States Coast Guard. The city’s main source of income is mainly composed of electronics, biotechnology/biosciences, manufacturing, computer sciences, agriculture, defense-related manufacturing, financial and business telecommunications and of course, tourism. One of the most splendid locations for tourists destination is downtown San Diego.

Let’s take a quick look on its history way back in the early ’80s. Downtown San Diego has been doing much city renovations where they reconstructed the Gaslamp Quarter, the Horton Plaza, and the building of the San Diego Convention Center which is the premier meeting and conference facility. During that time Downtown San Diego was not that attractive and some people did not know this place and abandoned it. But because of the great makeover that took place, this not- so – lovely place had been converted and changed into a sparkling showcase of five-star hotels, waterfront skyscrapers, luxurious live-work loft developments, and numerous restaurants, cafe shops, stores and boutique shops.

Downtown San Diego offers many great and exciting things to discover and look forward to especially if you plan to relocate to this area. You can also check Downtown San Diego homes for sale online if you want to know more details of homes available for sale in this superb area.

Shopping in Downtown Norfolk is Convenient

Who doesn’t love to go shopping? In Norfolk, Virginia, one will find a number of place to satisfy the craving to browse and buy. Whether you’ve come to visit for the day or are a resident of the Hampton Roads area, you’ll find shopping is easy, convenient, and affordable in the downtown area.

If you live in a downtown Norfolk condo or are staying in a hotel by the river, you have the convenience of upscale shopping close to your front door. There’s no need to drive all over town for groceries, clothes, or other daily essentials when everything you need is in one place. Plan dinner, shop for a night on the town, or pick up a few last-minute items on the way home from work. Life has never been easier.

What can you look forward to when you want to go shopping in Norfolk? You’re just steps away from the best boutiques and grocers, including:

MacArthur Center – Norfolk’s premiere urban mall houses some of the city’s upscale boutiques and department stores. Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Barnes and Noble are just three of the stores available to you. Valet park or use the adjacent garage and spend the day!

Norfolk Waterside Marketplace – While known for its night clubs and eateries, the Waterside also has a few unique shops that interest locals and tourists alike. Shop for fresh herbs, pick up a few souvenirs for friends, and browse fine art at the many shops on the Elizabeth River.

The Market at Harbor Heights – Everything you could possibly want in a gourmet grocer is downtown. Fresh meats and cheeses, produce, and a large selection of wine are available at Norfolk’s largest urban grocery.

Selden Arcade – This covered thoroughfare connecting Main and Plume Streets houses the local art center, but it’s also a great place to shop for local souvenirs and objets d’art.

For an afternoon or the whole day, downtown Norfolk offers visitors and residents the best in shopping.