Downtown San Diego – Enjoying Downtown San Diego

San Diego is one of the most prominent cities in California. It is home to plenty of tourist attractions that will sure make your stay or visit worthwhile. You are sure to enjoy the scenic beauty of Bay Harbor, the gorgeous hotels, and plenty of parks and zoos. San Diego is the second largest city in California and the eighth in the entire United States. San Diego is home to miles and stretches of beaches, a mild Mediterranean climate, and sixteen military facilities hosting the United States Navy, the United States Coast Guard, and the United States Marine Corps. The main economy is largely composed of biotechnology/biosciences, electronics manufacturing, agriculture, computer sciences, financial and business telecommunications, defense-related manufacturing, and of course, tourism. One of the more outstanding places for tourists to visit is downtown San Diego.

Knowing Downtown San Diego

Ever since the early ’80s, downtown has been undergoing an important urban renovation. Most people and locals refer to downtown San Diego as the City Center. They began reconstruction with the opening of the Horton Plaza, the Gaslamp Quarter, and the construction of the San Diego Convention Center. The Center City Development Corporation (CCDC), which is San Diego’s downtown redevelopment agency, has pioneered this transformation. Downtown San Diego was largely an abandoned downtown, but now, with the makeover, it has turned into a glittering showcase of waterfront skyscrapers, expensive live-work loft developments, five-star hotels, and many caf├ęs, restaurants, and boutiques.

The Attractions Downtown

Gaslamp Quarter. This quaint area derived its name from old-fashioned gas lamps that lined the sidewalk in the earlier days. Even today, once you walk through these streets, you’ll feel that you’ve suddenly walked back in time because of the many historic buildings that line this street. This is also the mecca of bars and casinos as well as nightclubs, sidewalk cafes, and live theaters.

Horton Plaza Shopping Center. If you are looking for a place to shop, then you should be heading off to Horton Plaza. The building alone is an architectural marvel. It is a multilevel mall that houses numerous gift shops and boutiques. You can simply shop till you drop in this place.

Seaport Village. The place has more than fifty specialty shops. You can fine-dine at waterfront restaurants, and you can find a restored antique carousel here. You can savor the sumptuous seafood while watching the boats go by on the bay-an experience you will treasure forever. There is always something to do here from enjoying the weather or riding the carousel to listening to some live music shows by street art performers.

Museum of Contemporary Art. This museum recently added two new buildings to their campus. The expanded area allows the museum to hold more exhibitions and serve more visitors than before. The Museum of Contemporary Art holds TNT, which is an evening that’s purely dedicated to art, music, poetry, etc. So if you want to experience this and get in touch with your artistic side, you can head off to the museum, ideally on the first Thursdays of the month.