Souvenirs and Memorabilia: Where to Shop at Disney

A visit to Disney wouldn’t be complete without bringing a souvenir (or several!) back home with you. Disney offers so much entertaining, cute, and memorable merchandise that it’s hard to choose. One store can hold a plethora of goods that have you reaching for your wallet – but wait! Don’t spend your budgeted souvenir money all in one place, even if you don’t think you’ll find anything neater or more appropriate somewhere else.

Remember the rule of thumb with Disney – there’s always something interesting just around the corner. So take your hand off your wallet, and remember that truly memorable gifts and souvenirs are to be found in more than one place.

Theme Parks

All of Disney’s amazingly fun theme parks have gift shops stock full of park themed merchandise. As mentioned above, don’t necessarily grab the first Animal Kingdom t-shirt you see; there are many gift shops scattered throughout the parks, so be sure to scope them out to find the exact souvenirs you’re looking for. You can also find fun ride-themed products outside each park ride, so if you want to remember a particular ride experience, be sure to swing by!


Other than the theme parks, Disney’s themed resorts are some of the coolest places to go. In terms of shopping, the various resort gift shops are worth taking a peek in because they carry unique items that match the resorts’ themes.


Disney boutiques are great fun for the little ones. Head to the Magic Kingdom to give your daughter the transformation of her dreams as she becomes a real live princess with a complete princess costume and makeover. Watch her glow as she poses for the cameras and take home those photos for truly memorable souvenirs. Take the boys to the Magic Kingdom’s Pirates Of The Caribbean to get transformed into pirates who rule the mighty seas with swords, face paint, eye patches, temporary tattoos, and more. Shiver me timbers!

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is the be all and end all of Disney shopping. If you love Disney characters and stories, this is the place to go. This area is home to the World of Disney, the largest character store ever with a dozen rooms full of toys, clothing, jewelry, and collectible items. This shopping mecca also offers fun Disney themed stores where you can buy Disney cookware, holiday ornaments, and much, much more.

Specialty Stores

Disney’s specialty stores are just that – special. Scattered throughout the parks, these stores are not to be missed as they carry truly unique items. For instance, the World Showcase at Epcot is a must see as each country’s area holds genuine clothing and items from that culture, both antique and modern. Looking for delicate perfume from France or a stunning theater mask from Italy? Then this is your place.

Whatever your interest, you are sure to find a Disney shopping experience to meet your every need.